Coomera Waters

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Coomera Waters Village and Resort is a master-planned, eco-sensitive environment located halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The harbour side village offers a community based lifestyle consisting of nearly 1800 titles with a 72 berth marina, interconnected by 20 kilometres of eco-walking trails, extensive parklands and reserves.

Coomera Waters have established itself as a leader in natural developments which not only enhance the natural environment but co-exist with it.

In 2004, because of their reputation as one of Australia’s most environmentally progressive companies in landscape management, GLG were contracted to maintain the complex environmental and open area design of Coomera Waters. 

GreenLife Group is responsible for the maintenance of the native gardens and turf areas, whilst retaining the environmental balance.

GLG work with Coomera Waters management to reduce damage to the protected marine areas neighbouring the development. These include the nearby marshlands and wet sclerophyll forests which are home to native species such as koalas, swamp wallabies and an array of bird and insect life.

GLG takes great pride in working closely with such a unique and innovative organisation as Coomera Waters.  The project has also required GLG to work with several body corporates within the estate, contributing to the planning and design of an ever-changing environment.

GLG assist with the selection of plant species and advise on the best horticultural practices essential for meeting the needs of the community, whilst maintaining the environmental balance.

Coomera Waters is home to a community of people who commute to demanding jobs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. GLG and the management of Coomera Waters work hard to provide an environment for residents which they can return to and enjoy as a home and lifestyle, rather than an estate.

Maintaining the balance of the eco-system and environment of Coomera Waters could be seen to many organisations as a challenge. GLG’s environmental team understood that chemical leaching through the application of fertilisers would pose a threat to Coomera’s environment and instead used sustainable methods. Organic based products were directly applied to plantings to maintain a sustainable environment.

Mulching practices were also adapted, sourcing mulch from within the development and avoiding introduced mulches such as pine and tea tree.

GLG take great pride in maintaining the Coomera Waters Village and Resort, and continue to maintain all newly developed stages.

GLG appreciate working closely with such a unique and innovative organisation as Coomera Waters, and eagerly anticipates the ongoing relationship which is proving to be very popular with people who desire to live within the natural environment.