Jemena Gas Network

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Jemena is a leading infrastructure service provider, managing $8 billion of gas pipelines and electricity networks across eastern Australia.

The Jemena gas network transports gas from the Gippsland Basin in Victoria to markets in Sydney and regional centres along the route.

The network also supplies Bluescope steel facilities at Port Kembla and Marubeni’s Smithfield Power Station.

Initially the contract awarded to GreenLife Group involved maintenance of 46 trunk receiving stations. After seven years of working effectively with Jemena, GLG now maintain the entire Jemena gas network. This includes maintenance of the trunk receiving stations as well as slashing of the gas easement which runs from Wollongong in the south to Newcastle in the north.

The contract covers all aspects of landscape maintenance from mowing, brush cutting, slashing and arboriculture through to the replacement and repairs to gas network infrastructure.

Due to the vast area requiring service, GLG approached the contract with dedication, flexibility and teamwork. The gas easement covers some very difficult terrain meaning that staff could not operate alone. Fully stocked four wheel drive vehicles support the tractor operators at all times. To maintain the sites not accessible by tractor, GLG engaged a versatile spider excavator to operate on the extreme terrain.

The steep and remote terrain presented challenges for GLG. For the very steep sites not accessible by tractor or spider excavator, maintenance was required in the form of hand clearing.

The GLG crews working in this difficult terrain were aided by four wheel drive support vehicles, providing refuelling assistance, minor repairs, remote first aid kits, UHF and mobile communication.

As safety is paramount at GLG, all units carried emergency position indicating radio beacons.

Despite the difficult and vast terrain along the Jemena gas network, GLG staff have enjoyed the diversity this contract has offered. In approaching each challenge, GLG has been rewarded with successful outcomes resulting in an ongoing and enjoyable relationship with Jemena.