Super Schools

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South Australia’s new super schools will replace 20 existing schools and preschools in the north, inner-north and north-western suburbs of Adelaide. The schools will cater for up to 4645 students and provide child care places for a further 290 children.

National construction company, Hansen Yuncken, in partnership with the South Australian government, engaged GreenLife Group to provide landscape, sports turf construction and irrigation reticulation to five super schools.

The project consisted of construction and maintenance of drought tolerant garden beds throughout the five school sites, including site surveyance, landscape design and soil testing.  All garden beds required mulching for drought conditions and the supply and installation of over 150,000 plants varying in species and size.

The irrigation system included sub-surface watering to the garden beds and sprinklers to the lawn areas, all supplied from rainwater tanks. GLG were also responsible for site preparation and hydro-seeding of sports fields which would be used for various sports such as soccer, cricket and football.

Working closely with Hansen Yuncken to achieve the brief of the South Australian government, GLG visited each school site many times leading up to the project start date to ensure a smooth transition. GLG sourced materials from all over Australia and pre-ordered the products to ensure their availability would meet strict timelines.

GLG provided each super school site with a team leader and Landscape Construction Manager, backed up by a Contract Manager to ensure that the project remained on time and on budget.  Regular site meetings were conducted so that the various construction and design teams could liaise and work together.

All super school projects had very firm schedules and although challenging at times, GLG were able to continually meet these throughout the project with a forward thinking and dedicated team approach.  Careful planning and foresight ensured that materials were available when required.

Inclement weather caused delays for other trades, hindering GLG’s progress, but with a systematic approach GLG worked with the various other construction and design teams on site to meet timelines.

A further challenge was ensuring that the sports fields would be seeded and the turf established prior to the intense traffic on the surfaces when the super schools open.

Each of the five super school projects were completed on time with no delays due to GLG’s forward-thinking, dedication, commitment and teamwork.

Regular site meetings allowed all trades to liaise and work together to meet the strict schedules and to adhere to the brief provided by the South Australian government.