Yarra Valley Water

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Yarra Valley Water is the largest of Melbourne’s three metropolitan water retailers, providing water and sewerage services to 1.5 million people who live and work in the Yarra River catchment.

Yarra Valley Water is committed to environmental sustainability and demonstrates outstanding innovation and achievement in water conservation and waste management.

GreenLife Group provides grounds maintenance services to over 300 of Yarra Valley Water’s sites ranging from water reservoirs and pipe tracks to small pumping stations. Maintenance services include scheduled works such as grass cutting and gardening as well as responsive works including pest control, arboricultural works and graffiti removal.

GLG also provides specialist advice on proposed landscaping works for new sites and suggest remedial works to improve existing assets.

Customer service is a central focus for Yarra Valley Water, and the presentation of their sites is a reflection of this focus. GLG understand that the needs and expectations of a wide range of stakeholders must be met, and work closely with Yarra Valley Water to ensure a united approach in managing all assets, from water reservoirs and pipe tracks to pumping stations.

The staff at GLG apply their knowledge and expertise in utility maintenance to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of the service delivery program.

The very nature of Yarra Valley Water’s assets means that they are under the direct scrutiny of their customers. Community expectations are high and one of the challenges GLG faced was to develop solutions to improve ageing sites, some of which were not designed to be in public view.

GLG have also needed to devise cost effective ways of maintaining new sites, continually increasing in size and complexity due to the extensive land development in Melbourne’s northern and eastern suburbs.

GLG strives to provide grounds that are sustainable, innovative in design and visually pleasing. Through dedication, commitment and continual process review, GLG has worked closely with Yarra Valley Water to maintain the highly visible sites in a way that pleases stakeholders, customers and the communities they service.