Weed Control

  • Removal of Lantana weed within native bush
  • Dual-drive vehicle, operator using hand-spray
  • Quad-bike with broad acre spray unit
  • Spot spraying weeds
  • Cut and swabbing (poisoning)
  • Spraying herbicide around tank sites with green dye additive
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GLG’s qualified and fully licensed personnel ensure effective and environmentally responsible methods are used to control weeds and pest plants in urban and natural environments.

GLG has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial weed control, providing solutions to a wide range of clients including local and state government, water and power authorities, military bases, hospitals and educational facilities.

GLG’s weed control operators are certified to comply with all relevant legislation. The health and safety of staff, clients, the public and environment are of paramount importance.

GLG’s operators ensure all potential risks are minimised, by regularly monitoring wind speed and direction, correct output pressures and adequate visibility to ensure a quality outcome.

Staff at GreenLife Group follow strict protocols for recording chemical application data, with progress reports available to clients on request. All vehicles are fitted with emergency spill kits and fire extinguishers, and staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

GLG can offer the highest levels of service by combining efficient work processes, industry-best equipment along with a fully integrated quality, safety and environmental system.