Our People



At GLG GreenLife Group, our aim is to bring out the best in our people.  Each one of our team members and sub-contractors are encouraged to contribute to the company’s continual growth and success. GLG’s team members enjoy a work environment where they feel respected, supported, recognised and trusted.

At GLG the focus is on providing employees with opportunities to excel in their chosen field while realising their potential, abilities and strengths.

GLG’s people are always encouraged to learn new skills while growing both personally and professionally. 

Our people are our greatest resource, a resource which GLG will always be committed to continuously improve, develop and train at all levels.

The management of GreenLife Group clearly understand the importance of the people we employ and the affect they have on the successful operational performance of the company. “We are only as good as the work we do on the ground and therefore we are only as good as our people who are carrying out that same work.”

GLG staff are committed to client satisfaction. The professional and experienced local service teams understand the environment they operate in.

GLG teams are equipped with industry-best equipment to provide reliable and efficient service. All teams follow strict service programs that are developed in conjunction with specific client requirements ensuring consistent service levels are maintained.

GreenLife Group managers and supervisors are trade certificate holders and have hands-on experience. This collective knowledge and experience is the foundation for the successful growth of the company.

Management have worked from the ground up, with their horticultural trade knowledge and project management training providing a strong basis for exceptional service delivery.

GLG have experience in all aspects of contract transition, construction and grounds maintenance. This experience, when combined with industry-best equipment, a fully integrated quality, safety and environmental system ensures projects are completed on time and within budget.