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Tailored Commercial Irrigation Systems

At GLG, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to irrigation. We assess the specific requirements of each location, taking into account factors such as soil type, plant species, and prevailing climate conditions. Whether it’s a public park, sports field, golf course, or expansive landscape, our dedicated team of experts is well-equipped to design and maintain custom irrigation systems that not only cater to each specific need but also maximise water usage efficiency. This approach not only benefits our valued clients but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges presented by various open spaces, our primary focus is on water conservation and responsible resource management.

Explore our complete range of irrigation services listed below, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly for further information.

Our commercial irrigation services include:

Management of centralised systems

Our team installs and maintains central irrigation systems, efficiently managing water distribution across your commercial landscape. We utilise smart scheduling and advanced control mechanisms to ensure site receive the sufficient amount of water. By reducing water wastage and optimising irrigation schedules, we contribute to a more environmentally responsible approach to water use.

System maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to the reliability of an irrigation system. Our comprehensive maintenance services include scheduled inspections, repairs, and adjustments. This proactive approach ensures that your system operates smoothly, reduces unexpected downtime, and minimises water waste. Our goal is to keep your landscape looking its best while conserving precious water resources.


Our experienced team handles the complete installation of irrigation systems. We are able to customise designs tailoring the unique needs of your site. With optimal placement and layout, we are able to maximise water efficiency and promote healthy plant growth, contributing to a thriving and visually appealing landscape.

Drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation is all about precision. These systems deliver water directly to the base of plants, minimizing evaporation and runoff. We specialize in installing and managing drip irrigation systems that conserve water while providing plants with the ideal amount of moisture, promoting their health and longevity.


Inground or pop-up sprinklers that have matched precipitation in distributing water uniformly across small and large areas. Our team installs and maintains these systems to ensure that your landscape receives even and effective watering. This approach results in a lush and well-hydrated environment, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your commercial site.

Pump maintenance

Pumps and filters play a critical role in your irrigation system’s effectiveness and performance. Our pump maintenance services include regular inspections, tests and servicing to ensure they operate at their best. A well-maintained pump ensures a reliable and consistent water supply, contributing to a efficiently running irrigation system and thriving landscape.

Sports field systems

We specialise in managing irrigation systems specifically designed for sports fields. These systems are essential for maintaining safe, consistent and high-quality playing surfaces. Whether it’s a high profile football field, soccer pitch, or other sports arena, our regular scheduling and testing ensures uniform water coverage, creating a playing surface that meets the standards of safety and excellence.

Grounds Maintenance

GLG can assist you with all commercial grounds maintenance services, including landscaping, irrigation, weeding, pest management, gardening and more.


GLG can assist you with all horticulture services, including landscaping, planting, pruning, irrigation, fertilising, weed and pest control and more.

Open Space

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Sports Turf

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Property Services

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GLG can assist with all Aboriculture services, which can include expert advice and reports, tree treatment, removal, surgery and root maintenance.


GLG are experts in commercial irrigation, commercial reticulation and commercial irrigation system design for all types of soils, plants and climates.

Environmental Management

GLG can assist with environmental management services, such as revegetation, erosion control and soil stabilisation, wetland maintenance and more.