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Grounds Maintenance


Every Aspect of Commercial Grounds Services

GLG provides comprehensive grounds maintenance for every aspect of commercial park, open space and garden care, including mowing, weed control, slashing, mulching, planting and irrigation. We have the resources to cater for a diverse range of grounds maintenance services across all industries all around Australia.

We specialise in everything from planning land management and revegetation projects to consulting on horticulture and managing your regular or seasonal gardening and fertilising requirements. Our arboriculture services include inspecting and reporting on the health of tress and providing recommendations for treatment and removal. 

We can work directly with you, your property management service and keep you updated on projects with our innovative communication tools, so you know exactly what is scheduled and completed. 

See our full list of grounds keeping and maintenance services below and contact us directly for more information.

Our grounds maintenance services include:

Small and broad acre area mowing

Our mowing services cater to properties of all sizes, from compact lawns to extensive acreages, ensuring a neat and well-manicured appearance all year round.


Our expert planting services ensure optimal growth and strategic placement of new plants, enhancing the beauty and ecological balance of your outdoor spaces.


Mulching is a multifaceted service that improves soil quality and moisture retention. By enriching the soil and controlling weed growth, our mulching services promote plant health and sustainable growth.


Pruning is both an art and a science. Our professional pruning techniques shape and maintain plant health, promoting longevity and aesthetic appeal. Well-pruned plants not only look great but also live longer.


Our comprehensive gardening services encompass all aspects of garden care. From infill planting to pruning and general maintenance, we provide tailored solutions that ensure the health and visual appeal of your garden.


Overgrown vegetation can be a challenge to manage. Our slashing services efficiently clear such areas, restoring your landscape’s tidiness and safety. Whether it’s an overgrown field or a steep slope, we bring it under control.

Specialised vegetation control

We offer custom solutions for managing unique plant types, preserving their health and ecosystem balance. Our tailored approaches ensure the well-being of specific plant species while preserving the ecological balance.


We understand that healthy green spaces start with the soil. Our customised fertilisation solutions enhance soil quality and plant vitality. By nourishing your landscape and flora, we help it flourish and remain resilient.

Pest management

We offer comprehensive pest control solutions to protect your landscape from harmful pests. Our services cover outdoor, and barrier treatments to provide a pest-free environment and safeguard the health of your green spaces.

Weed control

We take a proactive approach to weed control, expertly reducing the impact of invasive plants. This not only ensures a weed-free landscape but also promotes healthier growth for desired flora. Our efforts result in gardens that thrive and present well.

Steep slope mowing

Maintaining challenging terrains can be a safety concern. Our steep slope mowing services are designed to safely and effectively manage difficult landscapes, ensuring a well-kept appearance in even the most demanding conditions.

Horticulture consultancy and management

Our expert guidance for your horticultural needs optimises your green spaces. We offer solutions that enhance plant health, aesthetics, and sustainability, tailored to your specific requirements.

Sports and general turf maintenance and consultancy

Our specialised care and consultancy services provide immaculate sports fields, school ovals, and general turf areas all year round. We provide expert advice and services to keep these areas in top condition.

Arboriculture incorporating significant tree reports

We provide expert tree management and documentation services to preserve valuable trees. Our focus is on ensuring their long-term health and safety, offering comprehensive solutions that benefit your green spaces.

Revegetation and environmental management

Our services focus on promoting ecological balance through the restoration and sustainable maintenance of natural environments. We work to preserve biodiversity and maintain the health of ecosystems.

Garden upgrades

Transform your garden with new features and designs. We guide you through the entire process, from design concepts to completion, enhancing the functionality and beauty of your garden to meet your specific needs.

Land management

We provide comprehensive care for your land, considering its environmental health and long-term value. Our approach aims to balance the needs of your property with sustainable land management practices.

Irrigation installation and maintenance

Our tailored commercial irrigation solutions ensure efficient water distribution. This not only enhances plant health but also supports water conservation and responsible resource management.

Slashing and vegetation clearance

Overgrowth can impact safety, aesthetics, and effective land management. Our services efficiently remove excess vegetation, ensuring a clean and secure environment for your outdoor spaces.

Sweeping and litter management

We understand the importance of cleanliness in outdoor spaces. Our sweeping and litter management services help keep your areas clean and inviting, creating a positive and welcoming environment.


Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

GLG can assist you with all commercial grounds maintenance services, including landscaping, irrigation, weeding, pest management, gardening and more.


GLG can assist you with all horticulture services, including landscaping, planting, pruning, irrigation, fertilising, weed and pest control and more.

Open Space

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Sports Turf

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Property Services

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GLG can assist with all Aboriculture services, which can include expert advice and reports, tree treatment, removal, surgery and root maintenance.


GLG are experts in commercial irrigation, commercial reticulation and commercial irrigation system design for all types of soils, plants and climates.

Environmental Management

GLG can assist with environmental management services, such as revegetation, erosion control and soil stabilisation, wetland maintenance and more.