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Responsible and Sustainable Practices

At GLG, we understand the profound impact open spaces, parks and gardens have on the environment, communities, and society at large. We are committed to responsible and sustainable practices that not only benefit our business but also make a positive contribute to the communities we are a part of.

Our dedication to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles drives everything we do.

Our approach resolves around four core pillars:

Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is at the heart of our commitment to excellence. We prioritise health and safety by ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all, including our dedicated contractors involved in open space management. We invest in our team’s growth through training and development, offering continuous opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge in sustainable land management practices. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion fosters a workplace where every individual is valued, promoting equal opportunities, and respecting the rights and dignity of all employees.

Community Engagement

We are dedicated to giving back and make a positive difference in the communities that we operate. This is evident through our philanthropy and long-term support of a number of diverse social purposes, charitable causes and community initiatives. Our initiatives include volunteering, sponsorship of community events, and partnerships with local organisations to support education, health, and social welfare programs.

Ethical Governance

Ethical governance is the cornerstone of our commitment to transparency, integrity, and responsible leadership, ensuring that our actions align with our values and benefit all clients, employees, and stakeholders. We take immense pride in our commitment to responsible sourcing, which involves upholding ethical standards, respecting human rights, and minimising our environmental footprint.

Environmental Sustainability

GLG is committed to identifying ecologically sustainable activities and ensuring that environmentally responsible considerations are incorporated into every aspect of our procurement policies, strategies and methodologies.

Grounds Maintenance

GLG can assist you with all commercial grounds maintenance services, including landscaping, irrigation, weeding, pest management, gardening and more.


GLG can assist you with all horticulture services, including landscaping, planting, pruning, irrigation, fertilising, weed and pest control and more.

Open Space

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Sports Turf

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Property Services

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GLG can assist with all Aboriculture services, which can include expert advice and reports, tree treatment, removal, surgery and root maintenance.


GLG are experts in commercial irrigation, commercial reticulation and commercial irrigation system design for all types of soils, plants and climates.

Environmental Management

GLG can assist with environmental management services, such as revegetation, erosion control and soil stabilisation, wetland maintenance and more.

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