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Commercial Property Grounds Maintenance

If you’re looking for peace of mind for commercial property grounds maintenance, then GLG can help. 

GLG offers an integrated range of property grounds maintenance services to help keep your grounds and open space in the best condition. Harnessing our team of talented and versatile individuals, we take pride in delivering a comprehensive range of services, including gutter and downpipe cleaning, maintenance of park furniture, playgrounds and public barbeque areas, painting, handyman repairs, irrigation, and more. We can do it all. 

We can work directly with you, and keep you updated on projects with our innovative communication tools, so you know exactly what is scheduled and completed. 

See our full list of property management and maintenance services below and contact us direct for more information.

Our commercial property maintenance services include:

Maintenance of park furniture and playgrounds

We keep your outdoor spaces safe and presentable, ensuring the longevity of your equipment.

Condition auditing and reporting

We can complete thorough assessments and detailed reports to maintain the integrity and safety of your facilities.

Fence erection and repairs

Our team provides professional installation, repairs, replacement, and maintenance of fences to secure your property effectively whilst complimenting the area’s aesthetics.


Covering both oiling of timber and exterior painting maintenance, our team can assist with various aspects of painting from site preparation to continuous upkeep.

Cleaning – facility and barbecue

Maintain clean and welcoming environments, including facility and barbecue areas. We can provide regular and scheduled cleaning of these areas.

Gutters, downpipes and sumps

Ensure effective water drainage and prevent water damage with regular maintenance. Gutters, downpipes and sumps form a standard part of our commercial property maintenance services, and these can be pre-scheduled at recurring times of the year.

Event assistance

Our team takes care of lawn and garden bed preparation, as well as maintaining the area throughout the event, including litter collection and ensuring a clean and inviting environment for all guests.


From managing and maintaining your existing irrigation system to implementing new systems, our experienced team can assess what’s required to keep your landscapes vibrant and healthy.

Handyman and carpentry repairs

Our team of qualified handymen provide essential support and assistance to our clients with various handyman and other carpentry repairs, assisting with maintaining the functionality and overall appearance of your spaces.

Electrical work

Ensure a safe and well-lit environment with expert electrical services. Our team of qualified electricians is equipped to handle any electrical property maintenance works.

Pool maintenance & water quality testing

Keep your pool safe and pristine, with regular maintenance and water quality checks.


We provide quality concrete work for durable and visually appealing surfaces.

Street sweeping and cleaning

Maintain clean streets, drainage entry points and public areas with our thorough cleaning services.

Pest control

Safeguard your commercial spaces from pests with effective control and prevention measures. Our services provide a mix of outdoor and barrier services.

Graffiti removal

Prompt and efficient graffiti removal to restore your property’s appearance and deter further vandalism.

Paving, retaining walls, and drainage

GLG can enhance and improve your landscapes with attractive paving, retaining walls, and efficient drainage solutions.

Waste and rubbish removal

Keep your environment clean and hygienic with our waste and rubbish removal services.

Path Maintenance

We offer a variety of maintenance services to ensure safe and well-maintained pathways.

Minor Building Maintenance

Address minor repairs and maintenance needs to preserve your property’s condition. We can provide full assessments or on-site audits prior to conducting any works.

Grounds Maintenance

GLG can assist you with all commercial grounds maintenance services, including landscaping, irrigation, weeding, pest management, gardening and more.


GLG can assist you with all horticulture services, including landscaping, planting, pruning, irrigation, fertilising, weed and pest control and more.

Open Space

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Sports Turf

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Property Services

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GLG can assist with all Aboriculture services, which can include expert advice and reports, tree treatment, removal, surgery and root maintenance.


GLG are experts in commercial irrigation, commercial reticulation and commercial irrigation system design for all types of soils, plants and climates.

Environmental Management

GLG can assist with environmental management services, such as revegetation, erosion control and soil stabilisation, wetland maintenance and more.