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Sports Turf


All Types of Sports Turf Management

GLG manages and maintains all types of sports turf surfaces, ensuring the playing surface is the best it can be all year round. We understand that each field requires unique attention to deliver winning results. From professional stadiums to golf courses, tennis courts, cricket pitches and entire school campuses, we’ve got it covered. 

GLG can provide a fully integrated turf management plan that is tailored to meet client requirements and budget. This encompasses sports turf construction with drainage design and installation, seeding and fertilising, soil testing, line marking and top dressing. Our dedicated and qualified team of sports grounds curators have significant experience in turf industry.

See our full list of sports turf services below and contact us direct for more information.

Our sports turf management services include:

Mowing and striping

We maintain sports turf with precision mowing and striping techniques. This not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the field but also ensures that field markings are clear and distinct, contributing to a professional and striking appearance.

Renovation and turf reinstatement

We specialise in revitalising worn-out turf areas. Our expertise ensures that these areas regain their quality and appearance, making them suitable for sports and recreational activities once again.

Coring, scarifying, and verti-draining

These practices are essential for promoting healthy turf conditions. They improve soil aeration, relief compaction, and enhance the overall quality and resilience of the playing surface.


We apply and introduce seeding strategies to nurture lush and resilient turf. Healthy turf not only improves the playing experience but also contributes to the overall safety and aesthetics of the sports field.

Sodding and associated turf works

We use sodding techniques and provide additional turf-related services to establish and maintain a strong and vibrant playing field. These practices are essential for turf surface consistency.

Line planting

A specialised planting process using a customised machine that slices the surface, shreds warm-season instant turf rolls, which subsequently descend into open slits, aligning with designated slice lines. The surface is securely sealed by the rear roller, finalising the planting procedure.


Our top-dressing services involve the application of a thin layer of material to improve soil quality. This process helps balance thatch levels, enhances durability, and creates a consistent and level playing surface.


Rolling is an essential practice to maintain sports turf. It compacts the turf to create a consistent playing surface, ensuring an ideal playing field for various sports and activities.

Line Marking

We have the expertise to accurately and clearly mark lines for various sports on turf. This ensures that field boundaries, court markings, and other sports-specific lines are precise, contributing to successful games and events.

Cricket pitch preparation

We pay meticulous attention to the preparation of cricket pitches, adhering to strict standards to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for consistence and safe play. Our expertise ensures a pitch that is conducive to the game’s nuances.

Drainage installation and maintenance

Effective drainage is crucial to prevent waterlogging, especially during wet conditions. Our team designs and installs drainage systems that keep the playing surface dry, safe, and playable.

Soil testing and management

We conduct strategic soil testing and implement effective soil management practices. This ensures that the soil maintains the necessary nutrient levels and structure to support healthy sports turf.


Fertilising sports turf is crucial to maintain its health and supporting robust grass growth. Fertilising program introducing essential and supplementary nutrients necessary for a consistent playing surface and recovery after intensive use.

Weed and pest control

Our comprehensive control measures are in place to keep sports turf free from unwanted weeds and pests that can negatively impact the quality and playability of the turf.

Irrigation installation & maintenance

We design and install efficient irrigation systems to maintain optimal moisture levels on the playing surface. Measured hydration is essential for keeping the turf in excellent condition throughout the year.


Sports Turf

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GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

Sports Turf

GLG can assist with all sports turf management and maintenance services such as golf turf, cricket pitches, tennis courts, school and community ovals.

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